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Some Health/Weight Loss Myths

Excerpt from this article by Dr Mercola:

Obesity is the result of inappropriate lifestyle choices, and unfortunately, our government has done an abysmal job at disseminating accurate information about diet and health. For example, conventional advice that is driving public health in the wrong direction includes:

  • Avoiding saturated fat: The myth that saturated fat causes heart disease has undoubtedly harmed an incalculable number of lives over the past several decades, even though it all began as little more than a scientifically unsupported marketing strategy for Crisco cooking oil. Most people actually need at least 50 percent of their diet to include healthful saturated fats such as organic, pastured eggs, avocados, coconut oil, real butter and grass-fed beef in order to optimize their health
  • Cutting calories: Not all calories are created equal, and counting calories will not help you lose weight if you’re consuming the wrong kind of calories
  • Reducing your cholesterol to extremely low levels: Cholesterol is actually NOT the major culprit in heart disease or any disease, and the guidelines that dictate what number your cholesterol levels should be to keep you “healthy” are fraught with conflict of interest — and have never been proven to be good for your health
  • Choosing diet foods will help you lose weight: Substances like Splenda and aspartame may have zero calories, but your body isn’t fooled. When it gets a “sweet” taste, it expects calories to follow, and when this doesn’t occur it leads to distortions in your biochemistry that may actually lead to weight gain

This is just a tiny sampling of the misleading information on weight and obesity disseminated by our government agencies.

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Christmastime: when I throw out more food than any other time of the year

Seriously though!  We are newly-weds so EVERYONE sends us home with food, like what are we going to do with 35 mini-meat balls????

Or then there is the “you’re young, take all the sweets!”  NO THANK YOU!

I have thrown away more food over the past few weeks than I have in the past year probably, its just so hard not to eat it if I don’t. 

Those dreaded cheese cubes are my worst enemy!  They are SO easy to munch on!  So instead of saying “Eeewww, no!”  I send them on their way to the garbage.

Judge me for being wasteful, but really it is just trash food anyways, and would not benefit anyone else who were to eat it.  The person who bought it wasted their money the minute they checked-out at the store, so I don’t feel bad either way.

My nemesis is spinach dip, cold or hot, I do not discriminate, unfortunately.  I have not been able to say “no” yet.  I will keep trying though!

Veggie trays and Chips and salsa are where I try to stay, and not wander into the dangers of the buffet calories unknown!

Do you have any calorie saving/avoiding tips for this time of year? :)

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I have become addicted to green tea. So good and it calms me down!


I have become addicted to green tea. So good and it calms me down!

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I Know Cool Whip is Terrible for you, but it has been saving me from my sweet tooth lately!

2 tablespoons only have 25 calories - makes it SO much easier to have a sliver of pie and pass on the ice cream…

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